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What is a drilled well?  A drilled well is a hole drilled into bedrock or gravel in an attempt to access underground water aquifers. We start by drilling from the surface into the ground. Most of the wells drilled in our region of New England are drilled into bedrock. Once we find bedrock, we must drill a minimum 10 feet into competent bedrock. When competent bedrock is found we insert steel casing with a contamination seal at the bottom, to shut off potential surface water contamination. Once we are into good bedrock and the surface water is sealed off, then its time to find water. The hope is to intersect cracks and/or seams in the bedrock that will yield water.  We are working with mother nature and do the best we can. In the instance that sufficient water cannot be found within a pre-determined depth, there is the option of hydro-fracturing, or as we call it hydro-fracking. Hydro-fracking is a process of using a packer that can inflate to create a seal at least 40 feet below the steel casing and then we can push pressurized water into the aquifers. In water wells, we can only use potable water and generally don’t create enough presure to alter the state of the bedrock surrounding the well. Hydro-fracturing is not guaranteed, just the same as drilling an artesian well is not. However it will make your well the best it can possibly be.

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